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October 6th, 2016

Feeling extra horny before going to bed, Emma Roberts gives her boyfriend a nice quick blowjob, making sure that after he cums, he’d find it easier to doze off as he’s having insomnia lately. Roberts did an awesome job sucking on his dick that he did spray her with lots of spunk and eventually gets knocked into dreamland. Roberts isn’t just badass onscreen, it seems, as she can do whatever she wants and get whatever she wants all the time. She’s most pleased when her BF is satisfied with her ‘service’ and he was, no doubt.

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May 26th, 2016

It all started when Emma Roberts worked with Evan Peters on set. It was an instant attraction alright but there’s something more that got Roberts into deep with Peters especially that part where they starred in an episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show where Peters has this medical condition that got his hands to grow like lobster claws. And in order to be a part of the freaky family, he has to use this for shows and earn each night. The way he uses the creepy claws for hands is what drew Roberts more to the actor as he would fuck customers in their tent using them! Some nasty fantasy brewed in that kinky pretty head of hers and started looking at Peters’ cock in a very different light. She would imagine it to be as massive as his hands on the TV series and like to fondle her wet pussy using the biggest dildo she could find.

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Then she got into another show, her very own show, where she gets to pretend to be some slutty chick getting picked up by horny strangers aka her boyfriend Evan and they would film it like it’s their first time to meet up and fuck like crazy. Here she sucks on Peters’ boner like she would those giant claws that tasted of juicy juice. Riding a shaft is one of Roberts’ specialties and she’s gonna show you all in this video just how much of a catch she is when it comes to sex. Evan Peters may have been overwhelmed at Roberts’ domme attitude when it’s just between the two of them but you can always tell that the lucky bastard is enjoying the show when he gets into Roberts’ fantasies on and off cam.

Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Erect Penises

July 12th, 2010

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When the long running book series Nancy Drew was finally adapted for the big screen, it was Emma Roberts who got the plum the role of America’s favorite girl detective. Nancy Drew is the fictional young amateur detective in various mystery series geared towards teen readers.  The book series proved to be continously popular worldwide, more than 80 million copies of the book has been sold and has been translated into over 45 languages. And for the all Emma Roberts fans out there, here she is as Nancy Drew (in the standard schoolgirl uniform of course- partially disrobed) in a series of raunchy photos. So get those magnifying glass ready and let’s examine the evidence.

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Here Nancy Drew teams up with those hard-dicked Hardy Boys, witness as they engage in a teen detective menage a trois. Those Hardy Boys sure know what they’re talking about when they said they were experts in digging around!

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